Sunday, May 15, 2011

Recap: Celebrations and Farewells

      We are Floridians, though I'm not sure in which city we live. I think it's Plantation, but I have already sent all our necessary business to Sunrise. I really hope the postal carrier has half a brain.

The past week and a half has been hectic, celebratory, hopeful, and stressful. There were some tears. Joyful tears and stressed tears. If I ever see a car carrying Budget truck in front of me on the highway again I will have nightmares.

One thing is for sure: we will hire movers next time. I'll save up for it if we have to. Our next move will be pretty local and hopefully less than a year. The Bull needs a yard a playmate. I won't even have to pack my underwear. Someone will do that for me. In fact, I 'd like to hire someone to make me lunch right now.

 The move went well, and only one Hello Kitty plate broke. So Good-bye Kitty. Survival of the fittest. Our condo is a disaster. It was more of a disaster on the first day, but we've since painted the terra cotta wall in the bathroom. He wanted a Carolina blue and I wanted Tiffany. We compromised with a nice seafoam. We did some touch-ups. Had a maintenance man stop by to verify we needed a new washer. Nice welcome, huh?

But enough with that until I can show you how it turns out.

Instead I'll show you a recap of the last week, including a Cinco de Mayo graduation party at Bin 33, our going away party hosted by Erin, Matt & Meg,  the after party at Snackbar (I'm still waiting for my food), and a farewell at my work.
Good-bye, Greensboro

 Seriously, WHERE is our food???
 Farewell at the "office:"

Thanks for the good times, friends!

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