Friday, December 6, 2013

This Year's Lighted Christmas Balls, 2013

    Last Year, we carried the Greensboro, North Carolina's Sunset Hills Neighborhood tradition to Riverland Village in Fort Lauderdale. Read about it here, and here. This year, we added a little red to the tops of our palms to make it interesting. 
    We're really glad to continue such a special tradition in our new neighborhood. We can only hope it will catch on! It would be great to get the whole neighborhood involved, and better yet, grow a canned food drive like the one in Greensboro. It's been a year and a half in this neighborhood, and we are still searching for that same community feel like we had in GSO. Many keep to themselves 'round here. I'm thinking about posting a sign and a box to donate canned goods. Maybe some of our neighbors are in need, themselves, and could use a can or two? What do you think?
   Please visit on the Lighted Christmas Balls Blog for the story,  how to's, to see the amazing sights and the hundreds of balls in the trees. The stories on the videos may jerk a tear!

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