Saturday, October 19, 2013

When in Houston

 We returned from Houston, Texas this week from a brief visit with family. My mom and aunt, and cousins were around, and my sister and her husband drove down from Illinois. It was their anniversary. A year ago we celebrated their wedding at Riveria Maya, Mexico. It was my cousin's anniversary, too. Somehow all these things came together. And we celebrated. And we ate.
When in South Texas you have to go to Bucc-ee's. It's the fanciest convenience store/ gas station/ deli/gift shop/restroom stop ever. Those guys are changing an industry. Get the Beaver Nuggets, sweet caramel corn puff goodness. My cousin eats them like cereal. Too far for me, but they are delish enough to suspend my disdain for gmo's and junk food in general.

Then there's Kreuz Market in Lockhart, where you order barbecue  from a dark slicing room by the pound. They give you white bread and have a no forks, no sauce policy. I had this fear  that ordering incorrectly would prompt a "No barbecue for you!" but they were pretty nice. People who say "y'all" typically are.
My fav was the sweets: Bite Mararons and Sprinkles Cupcakes. I had the pleasure of Lavender Honey, Rose, Passion Fruit, Sea Salt Caramel,  and Earl Grey marcarons. Literally, all of them. I bought a dozen and ate half because my fam thought they were too fancy. Like overpriced Oreos. Sugar free red velvet and coconut cupcakes are so so good. I cut them in fifths and we sat around and sampled cake like we were getting hitched.

Other notables were the Pho Saigon noodle house. This is the simplest dish to make. I'm glad it's trendy, but come on guys, it's soup. Next door, is PL teahouse, where you can get more than 20 different types of "tea." It was my first Boba, but they really had me a the big straws. Osaka had the most beautiful sushi, and Ocean Palace is a dim sum convention hall. When we're all together we have to go out for Houston's Hawaiian Ribeye, the best steak on the market. There are no pictures. No time. Steak gone.

So it was great to get together and break bread (cupcakes) as a family. Since returning, I've tried to eat like a bird so I can shrink my stomach capacity. 

Bon appetit!

When starting this post, I almost titled it #wheninhouston. I quickly revised that title becuase I can't stand taking or writing in hashtags. I can't stand the word hashtag. If Merriam Webster puts that in the dictionary, I'll start speaking mainly in French or Spanish. So far we're safe:


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