Thursday, April 25, 2013

A small kitchen moment

  We've been doing, or re-doing around this old house. Almost every major appliance has been replaced or repaired. This is includes a new capacitator for our AC unit, a new stove & dish washer (luckily this was replaced by the seller), a new washer & dryer stack, and a new fridge. Things like the AC and the fridge were emergencies. If you're AC goes out, you call someone right away. If your fridge goes out, you can use the freezer for a day...

 Below is my sweet hunky hubby at the Depot getting some oak cut for out kitchen shelves. To me a house that functions properly has shelves, and lots of them!

I thoroughly enjoyed watching him from the couch.  And this is what I did with it:

And remember, this is what it looked like before. We had to cover up the ugly breaker box and use that wall space, give personal touches while being functional.

Better pics soon, as soon as I clean up a little!

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