Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mango Madness has begun

The best part about living in south Florida is the flora & fauna. Every dog walk is very interesting as I try to figure out things such as airplants.

 The bougainvillea and fragipani is in full bloom right now and the mangoes are beginning to fall off the trees. My neighbor has put up her "Sale: 3 for $1" sign on her front bench with a pile of felled mangoes. I had my first local, I mean really local, mango the other day. It was so sweet and stringy, the kinds that leaves you a little orangy mess.

Like I sad before in this post, mango season means my mom visits. Right now she's in Greece and I'm a little jealous, but I know we'll have a blast making mango smoothies in a few weeks!
I'm kinda obsessed with Instagram and instaframe apps. I'm always late to the party, but I catch up pretty quickly.  I may never pick up my camera again. Follow me here!


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