Saturday, May 4, 2013


Loving smoothies lately. Drinking one right now, in fact. This one has spinach, asparagus ( the hubby's idea), cranberry juice, a little almond milk, berries, and peaches.

My favorite combinations so far:
.  -half a banana 
-handful of spinach
-handful of kale
-pinch of chia seeds
-frozen pineapple
-3oz of almond milk or more if you like a liquid smoothie

For more fabulous recipes see the Glitter Guide's post:
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   Here's a little anectdote: My family had a fruit shop when I was growing up in Downtown Atlanta. I worked there from age 13 until the summers home from college. My dad perfected his smoothie recipes and that was one of our trademarks. The summer of the 1996 Olympic games, I probably made over 1000 smoothies. I longed to be somewhere else, but it was a good experience and it kept me off the streets. Wait, no it didn't. It kept me on the streets of downtown Atlanta, but kept me out of the mall. I loved Fridays, when I got my weekly $300 and went to Lenox Square for a shirt at Banana Republic.
  Since perfecting the smoothie at Grace & Leilani's (our store's real name) I can always concoct the best combinations of fruits. And I'm always judging others when I go grab one from a cafe. The mark of a good smoothie starts when the blender stops and they pour it in the glass. If there's some left over in the blender they've miscalculated and sacrificed the flavor of your drink by diluting it. I hate that! 
Go drink some fruit!

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