Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Branch

Branch: Sustainable design for living, three things of which I am a big fan.
Our DIY bar calls for cups. And knowing me I don't want just any cups. I want those compostable cups made from corn. Its just one of those details that appealed to me (Review: no to a wedding gown, but yes to corn cups. Crazy, I know).
Serving suggestion: Garnish your corn with mint & lemon.

I pay small prices for a better world, I hope.

Well, its super hard to find these in quantities less than 1000. But after striking out at office depot, I knew the internet was my only option. I came upon Branch, which in based in San Fran. Not only did they have 50 for $7, but they have so much other cool stuff. I've probably seen this company in my Dwell mags. The cups weren't cheap, but they were a better deal than bulk.

The site says the people that make them in Taiwan are treated fairly. and Also: 

These cold cups, lids, and straws look and feel a lot like their plastic counterparts, but with two big differences: they're made entirely from renewable resources. And they're fully biodegradable within a commercial composting facility. PLA cups, lids, and straws break down within 90-120 days in a commercial composting facility. (By comparison, standard plastic cups, which are made from nonrenewable petrochemicals, cannot be composted, and can take decades to break down.)These cups feature a green stripe that reads "Compostable - Made from Plants". This helps to convey your green message, and encourages people to dispose of these properly — in a compost bin.

Funny, in a compost bin, that must be why my cup from three weeks ago is still chilling whole in that hole in the back yard. Maybe I should stir it a little.

Branch has the coolest things for the home, and a registry to boot! I'd love to go into their retail store. On my list if I ever visit SF.

Check our their furniture, kitchen stuff, rugs, and kids stuff.

I am digging this rug, made of recycled leather belts:
And this customizable mat:
Shawn, Leilani, Shawlani I, Shawlani II, a bunny, and Bully?
 The bedding and furniture are on the "designer" price side, but like I say, good design will sell anything. The majority of the stuff is reasonable.

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