Sunday, September 19, 2010

Updates from the Whitmires:Vendors, meetings and lots of candy.

Just met with my bartender and worked out the bar details. It is a full bar, by the way (and there are a lot of details).
We've got a DJ!
We have 47 attendees so far!
And I have a load of candy. M&Ms with our names on them.
Caterer is updated.
Designer working on the floor plan.
Crafting will happen soon for decor & favors.
Compostable bar cups coming in the mail.

I will have info on these lovely vendors soon!
This is my new supply list:
Jig saw
fishing line
crafty hands.

any suggestions?

Marriage on the other hand is  a compromise as always. I love my hubbs with all my heart but everyday is a lesson on how to live with each other. I am glad, though, that at least we have the marriage down solid.  The reception details are the only things we have to worry about. Then we will gather our family and friends together and celebrate love and marriage for its true meaning: not the wedding day, but each and every day after that!
It sounds so backwards but feels so natural.
I've always over thought everything.
Like dessert before the meal.


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