Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Tree

This year we wanted a real tree. With real smells and sap. It make is feel like our little family is complete and ready to celebrate Christmas. I grew up with big extended family holidays, so I just wanted to make it feel like home by starting our own traditions.
    Decorating trees is expensive! With the skirt, the stand, ornaments and the lights and the trips for extra lights, it all added up. I think it is worth it. From the fabulous senior tree lot lady at Home Depot to plugging in the tree topper, it's the experience that counts.
This one is from a friend who knew we called each other "penguins":
 This is from 2010 and my love of nesting dolls:
 This is from our friends Alison & Luke, as a wedding present:
 New fish and octopus because we decided on a "sea" theme:
 From my cousin & her family as a wedding present:

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