Monday, October 14, 2013

Cheers to seven years: a dateaversary

    Last Sunday marked our seventh year dating anniversary. In tradition with our first date, we went out for pizza. Our first outing was nothing special: we went for a slice to the local college hang out. I didn't even consider it a date. Later on, I realized we should pick a date for our anniversary, and so October 6, it was! I believe life is more interesting with milestones. When I read over this in my old age, I will be pleased that I made our relationship that more interesting. Don't you think? Wait, don't a answer that if the answer is no. I'm sensitive about storytelling.

We refined our tastes in pizza. Seven years require growth. Just becuase I have been eyeing that Barbie dream house store at Sawgrass (It's just so pink!),  doesn't mean I havent grown some in the past seven years.
 I used my four square app to find Piola, a posh pie place in Hallandale after a guitar center stop.
It was international chic and we sat next to a Colombian couple with a rare blue haired chihuahua. I think he made it up, but tiny dogs at dinner do add a chic factor. We've come a long way, baby!

Pic 1: New guitar!
Pic 2: Piola
Pic 3 & 4: Tap 42
P.S. These are all iPhone pics, so they have that dreamy filtered look, which by photography standards, are called out of focus. I blame io7.

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