Tuesday, February 15, 2011


it's true!
Our Valentine's day was pretty awesome. Normally we try not to "celebrate" it, maybe a card or something, but definitely not dinner reservations anywhere. I always thought that was for chumps. Once, I served a table where a dude proposed to his girl on this holiday, and I really had to hold my gag reflex and throw on my best Vaseline-on-teeth smile, when he gave me the ring to put in her flute.

I never had a good one because I had never really been in love. And for all those singles out there who like to boo on St. Valentine, well, sorry, 'cause this day only truly rocks because you're in love

It used to suck.

Not anymore.

(Wait it out. There may be hope for you yet.)

Anyway, we treat it like just another day, just a little more special. And when we both work eight hours on a Monday, and have opposite schedules, we made breakfast just that much more special.

With pink belgian waffles
And coffee service. Notice our love wall's guest book plates? That's an everyday thang.

We are reminded everyday about love.
I think I just might color all my meals.
Not pictured here, but he enjoyed drinking OJ with a pinky extended.

Breakfast, that's how we keep things spicy.

If only we could do the same for the laundry.

P.s. We actually did get each other small presents. It's kinda fun to give when you totally love that person.

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