Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What do no next? Stuff I don't wanna.

Today I made welcome bags for our out of town guests. Then I separated 6ix pounds of M&M's by color. Like a CRAZY person. Yeah, I skipped certain things so I could have the candy buffet I wanted. I think I spent $70 on M&M's alone. That sounds insane. There were discounts & coupons involved, but insane.

And  Ohhh, the result was worth it!
I set up my candy in jars ready to be scooped by you! I have so much else to do before having done this task, but lets face it,  I am always going to pick the more fun task. I've been waiting to play with my candy since I bought it all. It's pretty plentiful so you all better eat up! its awesome and all my favorites and I'll totally be in trouble if I have leftovers. I have no will power.

Cleaned the bathroom, now i should probably go to bed. Tomorrow is an early but EXCITING day as my family starts arriving! Lets see, I'll have my mom, sis, cousin, aunt, and maybe some extended family.

Now, if only I will stop putting off the other crap I need to do.
Like call the caterer back and tell her we have 2 more, and verify the linens, etc. etc. Fun, right?

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