Saturday, September 4, 2010

Updates from the Whitmires II

Some "official" numbers

I finally met with Addie my designer who may also turn out to be my coordinator. I love it. She has offered to design the layout. She is so sweet and I'm absolutely please at her enthusiasm.

We have a photographer in mind, Nick Sanders. He won the contest and I like his work. More on that when I hammer out all the details.

Details. "Its all in the details." Thats what every bridal magazine says. Details. Details can drive you nuts. So be careful,

Oh, speaking of bridal mags, what to do with them when you no longer need them? Donate, Give them to friends, thrift stores, and book stores. Book stores may even give you a credit. Or you can use them as filler for wedding gift boxes when you are giving china:

If you have a paper shredder, it look better, but You can just cut thin strips and crimp. These are mostly dress ads.

Then I placed sheets of houseware ads and articles on registries in between the plates in a T formation. I made sure to tape the ends so the plates are secure.

Then I put a cute little owl dishtowel on top. Because this couple is just this type of love bird.

Some floral tissue...

Then I covered the box with twine, and make a flower, out of coffee filters!

Luckily, this bride appreciates twine and DIY projects. I probably wouldn't do this for a more formal shindig.

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