Sunday, September 5, 2010

Things I've learned about gardening II

African daisies
 7. Maybe plant lots of seedlings so if there's a time when you get lazy about your garden, you'll have more chances of survivors ;).
6. Stake everything! Yeah, buy those tomato cages. They grow into them before you know it.
Hummingbirds love him
5. So when your plants are about to die, they produce seeds, which you can plant again. My dying dill gave me little black seeds and my romaine produced little white fuzzies before they decided to give up on life.
4. You can compost hair, nails, eggshells, egg cartons, and toilet paper rolls.
3. Spinach and dill don't really like too much sun.
2. Green beans, unless grown in at least 20 plants or more, or in a bush are useless.
1. Milky sap on freshly cut lettuce is normal.

This week in garden pics:
okra blooms

this little cuke gonna make it?.

Broccoli please don't give up!
basil blooms

not sure what this is....
Hello, dalia!
where's bully?

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