Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Story of Alison & Luke


   Last Sunday, my friends married each other. It was a perfect day.

 Alison is beautiful, and made for a stunning bride.

But she will always be herself!
She was full of laughter all day, the most easygoing and happy bride I think I've ever known. 
... her friends and family gathered...
The Groom's mama
Her mama

 One last touch up before walking down the aisle...

...and so it begins!
mama & bro
'Luke & his mama
Luke practically skipped, I swear!
His baby Blues

Father & Bride
All smiles

They were all smiles. I can imagine this was the happiest day of their lives, so far.
Hammering the wine and love letter box that will someday pull them back together if they start to drift. Or get thirsty ;)
Mr. and Mrs. !!!

The details were perfect. So them!!
Escort cards: an Alison & Leilani collaboration

Some precious guests:

 This is what love looks like.
and this, too ;)
It was a perfect day. I was glad to spend it with them.


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