Friday, June 6, 2014

This happened: a Motorcycle

     Shawn brought this home the other day, and my feelings are mixed. I'm mostly frightened, a bit excited by the way he looks on it, and equally as excited at all the gas money he'll be saving. This BMW GS series has an eight gallon tank and gets almost 60 mpg. The miser in me is aroused.

   What scares me is the drivers in SOFLA. In fact, on his way to pick up the title, he got rear ended (in the Honda sedan). I am currently seeking full body armor.

  Please send your positive thoughts and prayers our way. I'd love for him to enjoy his rides without worry. As for me, I will always worry, but I am the kind of wife that asked him to wear a helmet on his beach cruiser, and wear a helmet in his car.

and I will always be.

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