Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Embracing the fears, together

A cheers is in order. 

      We made it to South Beach, Miami on the bike, safely, in about 40 minutes. The best part? We were able to find street parking on 16th and Washington. Street Parking! It only took us a couple minutes to find motorcycle parking, and it was a total of about 5 bucks for the night. So we toasted at Nexxt Cafe in the glorious air conditioning, and I made sure I thanked my hubbs for taking me safely on this adventure. I swear, he got a little cuter as I sat next to him, and that's only half the prosecco talking.

      I was apprehensive about getting on that bike. I'm not one to stop him from living his dream, though. So, I got on it with him. If we have fears, we face them together. If we seek adventure, we experience them out together. If we want to embrace the unknown, we open our minds together.

 I was also apprehensive about shooting a 9mm for the first time. Lo and behold, I got over that. Watching the hubbs load it at the range left me with some doubt. Did he load it right? 

I trusted in him and myself and pulled the trigger. By the third round, I was getting the hang of it, and only shot a few strays.

   There is no one else in the earth right now that I'd rather share adventures with. And overcome fears with. I've still got so many fears about out future that I'm slowly dealing with. Lately, they don't feel as big as they used to. They're still there, though. I do know this, whatever our future holds, we're facing it together.

And I'll leave you with a selfie collage.

(please excuse the terrible iPhone pictures, still shopping for a camera.)

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