Sunday, December 27, 2009


Today, I am making a commitment to write something on this blog once a week. I think its only fair to show my love and support for such a wonderful gift from Leilani to us.

Well, like Leilani said, we are taking off the next few years from preparing holiday dinners. It will be nice to go somewhere else and chow down. Leilani's family does a phenomenal job at hosting and preparing holiday feasts. Hey, I don't have a problem with giving back, so I will clean some dishes or shovel some snow.

Grace, Leilani's sister, surprised me on Christmas with a hilarious video from I am intrigued by how Grace comes up with cool stuff like this. Leilani has been busy all weekend metamorphosizing friends into elfs.

Its been a fun Christmas week with Leilani - aka WUBBS - from wrapping gifts, opening gifts Christmas morning, and having a holiday dinner with some family. Thanks to Bully, he behaved like a good boy after meeting some new family members.

Okay, in closing, I would like to say that being married has brought Leilani and I closer. This should go without saying right? Yes, but the feelings I have felt since that day have been life changing. There is a unity, a bond between us now that gives me comfort. Not that we didn't have a bond before, but I feel Leilani and I are inseparable. I look forward to reading and watching movies together on our comfy couch. I guess you could say this is how GOD
intended it to be. Being married has brought me serenity in knowing that HE will continue to bless us with our discipline that follows. What a fantastic way to live your life! It just keeps getting better and better everyday.



  1. minute your background was one way..the next different. glad i found your blog again. great reading about the journey your married life holds.

  2. thanks! I was changing it, I like gray better. It's good to know you find us interesting!