Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas come and gone!

    Our first Christmas as Hubbs & Wubbs, the new superhero team of Northwest Greensboro, NC. It was another intimate occasion, as we stayed in our apartment and hosted dinner instead of traveling to a big family feast. (Still in career transition!)

We invited Shawn's mom, two uncles and our friend Brah to a ham dinner with some delicious sides.

 A nice woman at Harris Teeter picked out a ham for me. Buying a ham-another first. Normally, I'd order a Honey-Baked (to perfection) ham, but we're trying more DIY tasks to pinch a few pennies. This year, we considered not working over the weekend our "honeymoon, " and not working two jobs a "vacation." We see bigger things in our future, however.....

I set the prettiest table. I do not have a picture as I left my camera at a friend's house. wah wah wah.

Dinner was so nice. I had the best day with my husband. Watching movies and enjoying our gifts, ad talking to our families.

I realized on this day two very important things:

1. I come from a very giving family. Shawn has always told me this, but now I really see it. I was raised with giving all around me. I just thought that was how people were. I guess when you love someone you want give them the world, or at least a token of appreciation in a tangible form. Filipinos are generous, so when you come from a Filipino family it just seems normal.

2. Shawn and I aren't cooking another holiday dinner for at least 5 years. We did Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, and though it was wonderful, it was tiring. So next year, we'll be looking for the big family gathering. We will be bringing a dish. And playing board games.

Ok. I realized a third thing: Sitting on the couch, snuggling with my beloved and glancing up at him, I got the giddy, antsy feeling again.

I told him I couldn't love him enough.  He responded with a profound truth:

"Our love can never be quenched."

It's true.  So true. He hit 'em on the head sometimes. Claaaaasic Shawn.

It's what keep us loving each other, coming back to each other each day and for eternity. I will never be able to love him enough but each day I will love him more.

This is what being married feels like.

And it was the best Christmas yet.

Our first ornament: A gift from Al & Luke. Congrats to Al & Luke!

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