Sunday, December 6, 2009

A closer look at the details.

The Shoes:

Charles David, and my favorite blue box.
The dress:

A simple short number that I will totally wear again!

The flowers:

Pink roses made by my sister Grace, & I. Attached is a "something blue" that my friend Erin gave to me.


Shawn's mother's corsage, made by Grace.

The Rings:

My handsome Husband.

Grace & I

 Mommy & I;  Shawn & his mommy

The Marriage License:

It's official!

Smurf toppers, a gift from Lindsay! On Maxie B's! I love all things mini. We'll be ordering our cake for the November marriage celebration from there.

The Husband & Wife:



The ceremony was not a pictorially memorable, as I was sobbing the whole time! We have it on video, which you will be able to see at some point. The pictures, however, do not tell the story! I was so overcome with emotion that my face was contorted and tears were streaming down my face. Shawn was perfectly calm and attentive! Looking at the pictures, we had a good laugh because it looked like I was in pain. I really did want to get married I promise! Ok, just one photo:

This one will do!

We  simply are elated to be married. We had the most wonderful and relaxing weekend with family and friends! We feel so calm, supported, loved and blessed. A big Thanks to everyone that has helped make this experience more meaningful than we could have ever imagined!

I will will try to take it easy for a while before we start planning the celebration.....and my sister's festivities! It has been an amazing year!

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