Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Recap: DIY four dollar cake stands

    Remember that Seinfeld episode, The Frogger, where Elaine is subjected to birthday cake so frequently in the office that she becomes accustomed to her 3pm cake fix? Then she eats a $29,000 piece of royal cake to satisfy this fix?
    Well, I have become this Elaine. I love cake. I love eating it and making variations of cake. I buy a slice or two if it looks good in the Harris Teeter's deli. I have wedding cake and cheesecake in the freezer and we just finished some German Choc that I made last week. I need my cake. And I need to put it on something prettier than a glass dish.


    I've been using our handmade wedding cake cakestands daily. Sometimes when we are low on cake I put fruit on them. It's just not the same, however.
    Wanna make your own for about five dollars? Ours cost four, and you could be so lucky, but lets throw in that extra dollar just in case your selection is low.
You will need
1. a plate.  I found some really nice round white ones at the Dollar Tree. They were about 11'' dia, and solid white. You may try thrift stores or antique stores if you want to go vintage. But mine was  a dollar.
2. A footed glass, or a candy dish. I found two pedestal dishes at Goodwill for two dollars each. I lucked out and found them at the same time! This is the part where I tell you DIY may not be easy or cheaper, but you have to enjoy the process. Ok? Done. Because it took some time browsing the thrift stores and discount stores when I could just have bout an Anchor Hocking stand for 8 bucks. But I like the challenge.
It's good stuff.
3. Epoxy. I still had some 5 min. epoxy from my woodworking days. I prefer System Three but its kinda pricey if you're just using it for this project. (Let me tell you, though, once you epoxy something, you won't stop). You can get some at Lowes for about 6, which comes in the handy injector.
4. Washable Marker. For marking your center, and four sides to get the placement of the rim right on the center of the plate.
5. Heavy Books. For setting the epoxy.
6. A toothpick, or popsicle stick and cardboard. For spreading the epoxy.

Instead of telling you the how-to, I'll just share this video, making it that much easier:

(That Julie Edmonds is pretty handy).

So here's ours turned out:
In this pic, the top mini stand came from T.J. Maxx for $6. The bottom stand is handmade, and I have since broken it, so no other pic. No big loss there, right?
Photo by Nick Sanders
 In the photo below, there's another.
Photo by Nick Sanders. (The flutes from here.)
More cake pics because they are pretty. Maxi B's you are my hero.
Photo by Bob Laigo
Photo by Bob Laigo

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