Friday, February 4, 2011

Food by the Hubbs: Tinola

I've made a Filipino of him.

Truthfully, the credit should go to my mom. She's a much better cook, who inspires Shawn to re-created the dishes she makes for us. In fact, on our last visit, the mister was pretty giddy on the ride down, thinking about all her delicious meals. I mean, I feel kinda bad that I don't feed him like this. Sometimes I don't make enough food, and he gets up after dinner and starts going through the cupboards for snacks.

It took me a while to realize this:
Cooking for two is really cooking for three. Especially if one of those two is a man.

Anyway, last week he made Tinola (Tinolang manok), a soupy dish characterized by its chicken, ginger, and green papaya or chayote. He'd been craving it since he first had it. At first I wouldn't let him make it, since I was going to be at work that day. I told him, You can't make it it without me. It's just not right! For some reason, I felt like there had to be a Filipino present? I don't know? Weird, right?

Then I realized how sweet it was that he loves the food of my peeps. And that it's just food.
So he made it. It was delicious. (Not as good as mommy's.)The ginger makes it an excellent choice if you're nursing a cold.
Her recipe is our secret but you can try this book:
                                              The Philippine Cookbook, page 73. 
                                           Get it on Amazon here.


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