Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No candy for my Trick or Treaters

     I'm not a big fan of Halloween, personally. I stress out about what costume to wear and find myself scrambling last minute to throw something together, finding myself to be the most overdressed person at the party. I should have been a bunny or a sexy devil, I think. I'd rather just skip the whole thing.


     I never want to ruin it for anyone else just because I can't get it together. Most people love Halloween if not for the scary, but also, for the candy. I mean, who wouldn't pass up the opportunity for free candy just by knocking on someone's door. Any other day, they'd call the cops. 

      I decided take part in the Trick-or Treat tradition but not hand out candy. I don't feel right about buying junk filled with artificial ingredients, GMOs, and all those empty calories. Most kids are going to get lots of traditional candy anyway, and I don't want to add to the pile. I'm not being a total party pooper, and here's why: I'm giving out stuff way more fun than candy: Glow stick bracelets!!

     I got the idea from Lisa Leake's 100 Days of Real Food Blog along with the idea to get them at The Dollar Tree. I found a tube of 15 for $1. I spent about $8 for my treats, while a variety bag bag of chocolate bars can cost $5 to $10. So let's recap, I'm not supporting the candy industry's tradition of feeding kids junk, but rather adding a little variety to their pumpkin pails (I'm also giving away natural fruit snacks), and saving money in the process! We're all winning all over the place!

     When we were young, my dad would go to the wholesale store and get little packs of treats. He bought mini brown paper bags and my mom would assemble them. One bag would have a mini box of raisins, a sucker, gum, mini chocolate bar, a four pack of peanut butter crackers, and maybe a tangerine. The kids loved our house and there was talk that we had the best loot. I wanna be that house again, but I will trade junk for creativity and fun! 

Plus, we just repainted our house so I don't wanna be egged.

Have a Happy and safe Halloween!!

UPDATE: Both kids and parents thought the glow bracelets were cool! The fruit snacks, since they weren't a name brand like Reeses or Hersheys, weren't as popular. One kid threw it back in the pail! Haha! I'm still going to keep it up!

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