Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rings off weekends

The weekend I got engaged I forgot to put my ring back on after I moisturized my hands. I freaked out and ran back into the house, as if I could not go out in public sans engagement ring. My mom advised me to just put lotion on over it. I even studied other married women's hand moisturizing habits. I was looking for a method.

I had never had something so precious and meaningful as part of my daily wardrobe before.

I developed a weekly cleaning ritual: I'd boil filtered water for twenty seconds, put it in a wine glass with Windex, and clean my rings with a soft bristle child's toothbrush. I did this for about a year.

After a few years, I realized that having on wedding rings tells others that we're married, that we've acquired this new title.  I've learned that we're married whether the rings are off or on. That was also before we got matching  tattooed wedding rings, too, so we are branded no matter what. Read about that here, it's a good story. It does restore some peace of mind, so the freak out days are over.

Lately, we've had rings off weekends. Woah there, this does not mean hall pass (to us, anyway!)

 It means we're having so much fun buried in sand, soil or playing the ocean. It means that we're painting, planting more palms or building a gate.

 Rings off, no make up weekends are my new favorites! See:
Yacht shopping. I'll take the Princess Sarah!
Beach cookie.
Beach read and my new favorite snack. Coconut almonds!!!!!

All proceeds of this Hello Merch tank are donated to Oklahoma tornado relief. Thanks Hello Merch! (Why are my shorts so weird?)
Lunch time: Layered bean dip
And chicken fajitas
Back in the yard.
Which shade of green? Never mind hubs turned the house into a Keebler Elf Funhouse.
Snacktime smoothie
Another palm I saved from work.

 Smoothie recipe:

I use cut up fruit that I store in Ziploc freezer bags. Trust me, this makes the best slush. Stock up when it's in season!

1 Cup frozen blueberries
5 Slices frozen bananas
1/4 cup of coconut milk
1/4 cup of o.j.
5 slices of peaches
5 coconut milk frozen cubes

Pulse the frozen fruit with the liquid, adding a handful at a time until smooth. Made about 18 ounces.

                                                           Enjoy your week!!

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