Monday, May 6, 2013

Tacos so good we forgot to take pictures and other weekend highlights

Our Cinco de Mayo was a success. I made the bean, corn & quinoa tacos from yesterday's post. They were so  surprisingly delish, that thought of photographing, as aforementioned, didn't even cross our minds. This was only my second quinoa experience, and my hubby & friends first.

Oh, wait, here's some prep photos:

 But no actual pic of the taco. Please refer to Cooking Classy's post to fulfill that desire. I followed this recipe with the substitution of pinto beans because that's what I had in my pantry. I recommend organic canned beans if you don't have all night to soak your beans and a few good hours the next day to cook them. These pintos from Aldi were large and tough, but they were a good value. I also used organic blue corn tacos & chips, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and sharp cheddar. My friends loved them and went for seconds. No one had room for the chicken fajitas second course!

A good point was made during tonight's diner. Most of what we made was from Pinterest. It's a life changer.

Not my salsa, though, the recipe is straight from the archives of my head.
-Handful of cilantro
-pint of grape tomatoes
- small can of diced tomatoes and chiles
-half or less of jalapeno
-juice of a lime
-half an onion

In a food processor, pulse the grape tomatoes and canned until chopped and chunky. I drained some of the juice, but If you like more liquid, skip it. Add the onions, cilantro, jalapeno, and lime juice and blend until you have small scoopable chunks! Mine turned out really spicy. Use less jalapeno if this is a concern. Skip it all together if you are making this for my mother in law. She hates spicy!
 And that made about 6 servings!

On Saturday, Shawn and I ran the Big Cardio 5k. I actually ran it and finished not last, but second to last in my age group! I finished in 42 minutes. Whoo hoo for a non-runner!
 Cheesing and a sweating with our friend.
 Shawn finished 10th in his age group, an 8 minute mile. Not bad for his first 5k.
 The remainder of the weekend was spent watching the Mayweather fight, napping, going to Home Depot, and fertilizing our palms. Can we have more weekends off together please, Universe ;)

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