Saturday, September 29, 2012

She received it, now I reveal it.

I sent my sister a text that read: Expect something blue to arrive today that will help take you places. 

I like being cryptic when UPS technology tells me exactly when my surprise gets delivered.
It's the Kate Spade Mrs. passport cover. It's blue, but I know she can't necessarily carry around her passport cover on her wedding day, so there is something else to serve that tradition. I'll have to wait a few weeks to reveal it, though. Cancun, baby!

Speaking of the title "Mrs," it's still a little weird. After almost three years, I am  not used to it. Almost no one ever calls me by that title. I'm very intrigued by the title, since I acquired it in the instant that I was married. I've grown accustomed to my married surname, but not Mrs. Maybe, I'll just introduce myself as Mrs. Whitmire from now on?

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