Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sometimes young couples live in weird places.

Our street is truly a freak show.

I gave this one girl advice once, Get a big dog, 'cause as a young couple you might live in shady places. This is clearly our case. You simply cannot rent for cheap, with a yard, and close proximity to the highway without really distancing yourself from weirdos.

 I just stepped into the kitchen and caught a glimpse of the strange man in the blue truck burning a piece of paper out of his window. I call him strange for this reason, and for the deductions that I have made about him:
  1. His sole job is to pick up and drop off the individuals across the street.  
  • said individuals are unrelated, I think, and range from jittery skinny white woman to, young African American male, to maybe a transgendered or Gothic male (undetermined at this point). 
     2. He arrives and honks, sits in the truck for at least a half hour, they board, then he leaves. This makes him also their alarm clock?
  • He mostly picks them up one by one.
  • Sometimes they are in street clothes, sometimes a uniform. Burger King, I think.
     3. After he leaves, he come backs like an hour or two later. Or half an hour. Anyway, he shows up at least 3x a day.

SO either he is a pimp, or their chauffeur. Either, I would hate my life if I were him and burn paper out of my window for fun, too.

That's not the only freakish thing about Marion Street.

Sometimes the city will contract out complete a$$es to  fix things, and in doing so, they make big piles of dirt and asphalt on both ends of the street. So if you didn't park on a side street a head of time, ya now, 'cause sometimes we can all use the excercise, then you are trapped until they move those but CAT machines out of the way.
 and then maybe they'll just saw into your driveway...

 And JUMP INTO IT! While a torpedo tube appears in your driveway????

   I long for the day when moving is over and we are settled for good. In a prime location. And I can finally buy the Eero Saarinen Tulip Table. I really hope that will be within the next year, after the condo that we're about to move into.

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