Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

We are all bunnies today.  The Hubby had to work, but we had Easter breakfast at this quaint little inn called Biscuitville. This was my first time inside one. I've only driven "thru."

 I am thinking that this will be dinner.  Just kidding, this pic is a year old and the carrot is long gone. Maybe you can find another of its stature at the Atlanta Farmers market.

 I go google-eyed for vegetables.

By the way check out these cool Easter crafts from not martha.
And these cakes baked in eggshells!
And surprise Easter eggs! and the chocolate version!

My mind is blown. I cannot craft for at least a couple of months because my life is in boxes. There should seriously be a craft café nearby so I can get my fix.

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