Sunday, June 13, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Cake Tasting!

 This past Friday we had our cake consultation at Maxie B's in Greensboro. I pretty much know I was getting my cake from this little local bakery, no questions about it. They have amazing cakes and the best buttercream frosting I've ever had.  I've tried most flavors on previous visits and have filled my slice card once. I am two more cupcakes away from a free one.
So its only natural....

I got to play with my cake fantasies here. I speak in singular because Shawn really could not have been less interested. I'm pretty sure an hour and a half of talking about cakes and cost really pushed his tolerance of uninteresting (to him) matters. I, on the other hand made some rad decisions. I believe a good cake is one of the three most important elements of a reception (or any meal for that matter), the other two being delicious food and drink.  I decided not to have other desserts but a satellite set up of a few different cakes and cupcakes. They will complement the candy bar I will set up.

We picked four flavors and I'll go ahead and tell you now. I won't be ruining any surprise here because you haven't tasted them yet. We picked:
                    Chocolate Sin Cake (chocolate w/chocolate almond frosting),  
                   Five flavor pound cake
                   Italian Cream Cake
                    and Pineapple Coconut
We ate ourselves into a sugar coma. Shawn then started to get irritable and wouldn't let me take the rest home. I only let him exercise this decision because I've made him my personal trainer, though I made it clear that it was a sad waste of cake and if I craved cake this week, I will just go get some. Then we went home and crashed. I actually don't think I'll have those cravings for a while.
                                                             oh yeah.

He's thinking I'm insane to spend a good few hundred dollars on cake.

But its all for you and us, so we will let ourselves eat it and love every bite!

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