Monday, June 21, 2010

Honeymoon series; Vol.1

 We finally took a vacation, six months after we were married. This was a weekend reserved for an EJ trip that didn't work out and I insisted that we do something "honeymoon-like." We went to Wilmington and beached at Fort Fisher.

  Then I got this crazy idea: why don't we do a series of honeymoons? For the amount of time and money that most people honeymoon, we can take several short trips to different places. I suggested a minimum of five weekend trips to different places within a year and a half of our marriage (I'm extending our newlywed status for six months because we just now took a trip). I like the idea of seeing many places and spreading it out in time. I've heard stories of people trying to cram too much in to their destination honeymoon and just end up the opposite of relaxed. This is great for us, being between jobs (Shawn) and career changes (me, for the past 4 years!).  I'm thinking of seeing a new city's nightlife, checking out a cabin in the mountains, and a winery with a bed & breakfast. We don't have to go far yet, as long as its not a staycation. Just another crazy twist on tradition for the new Whitmires...One day, I'll show him Europe and the Philippines and one day he'll show me Madagascar and Australia.

  This particular beach trip was just a starter trip. We invited friends and brought Bully, so it wasn't just Shawn and me. We stayed in a cheap motel that allows dogs and packed our lunches.  It was fun and we got some couple time before our friends Brian & Chrissy met us down after a day. Shawn & I had a really good dinner at the Riverboat Landing in downtown Wilmington, with our own private balcony. This was Bully's first beach trip, and well, let's just say that he prefers mountains and trails. I think he thinks of the ocean as a giant bath. He was reluctant to go further into the ocean and didn't realize that he might be able to swim. He did enjoy running away from the waves, though. I'm just glad we could show this to him.

Just look at all our hijinks':

Sweet  Sand Couch!
It's been a dream of his.
At Mixto, Downtown Wilmington
One tuckered out Bully Wooly.
signing out y'all!

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