Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Be my guest

      My friend from North Carolina is visiting tomorrow. We are so excited to have another guest. We've been preparing and over preparing for her arrival. I just wanted the sunroom clear of our junk that we never unpacked, but somewhere along the way, we thought that painting the house, sanding the dresser and re-caulking the tub was necessary. The tub, yes, but having guests makes us really kick it into high gear. 

Especially me. 

I get all hostest with the mostest and I have to out do myself and the rest of the world with every little detail. That's who I am, though. I read dessert table design blogs, wedding blogs, and blogs that tell you how stuff is done. 

Properly done, I tell my husband. Like a lady.

 My inspiration was Anthro Blog's post, Make it happen: Dress up your Guestroom. I gotta say, I did just that.

 I set up the freshly sanded dresser with wine, chocolate, a candle, and fresh flowers. I haven't had fresh flowers in the house since March. They were from Valentine's Day. Please don't judge me.

I couldn't help but to go with a South Florida theme. Her reading material includes Darkly Dreaming Dexter, set in Miami. There are fresh towels, and sea salt soap. Then I thought to throw some Palm Beach in there, so I added a Flamingo wristlet from Lilly Pullitzer. And a Flamingo Keychain because I simply couldn't help myself (I know, I already said that, but really, how fitting are the flamingos!!!)

Sea 'M and Eat 'M chocolates on a Puffer fish dessert plate. I am cracking myself up here.
 I 'd like to be my guest.

 Who's next?

And here's my shopping list:
From the top
Puffer fish plate,  Natural World Collection, Anthropologie, similar here.
Kate Spade Posy Vase, Macy's
Sea 'M & Eat 'M Sea Chocolates, Palm Beach Confections 
Sea Salt Soap, West Elm 
Lilly Pullitzer Flamingo Tech case (perfect beach wristlet), Swell Caroline
Flamingo Key Chain, sold out at J.Crew, similar here.

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