Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Date night: Chocolate and Cheese

The Hubs took me out on a date.

He told me not to work too hard and to change into a red dress when I got home. I actually don't own a red dress, but I get the impression that he'd want me to own one. To make it up, I broke out my sexy, uncomfortable heels.

If you really love me you will take me out to the Melting Pot. Vegetables and cake are just a vehicle to get this stuff in my mouth. That, and Chocolate and Cheese was Ween's greatest album.

I enjoy the challenge of seeing how much I can get on the fork.

 Here's a true story: The Hubs would never take me to the Melting Pot, even if I asked. He was scarred by his friend's group birthday dinner. The server handed him the bill for the adjacent girl and him, and being to much of a gentleman, Shawn paid it without a word. The girl never made a peep or an attempt to chip in, and they were clearly not on a date. Even mentioning the Melting Pot put him on a mumbling rampage.

 This was about eight years ago.

 About eight years later, he finally took me there. I even have to pull the whiny, "but I'm your wife" card.

 So, I'm glad that piece of baggage has been tossed because I will want to go again in about a week.

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