Thursday, July 18, 2013


You know how much I love Anthropologie. I really live this brand. Sometimes I merchandise the kitchen shelves with my Anthro kitchen gadgets and the hubs will say that it looks like a store. Then do I know I've triumphed.

They have released their Archival Collection for a short time. So short that it may be gone in a week or so. They're celebrating 20 years with 20 re-released items that are for sale again. They have even made an Instagram #AnthroFave tag.

 For my birthday every year, I'd treat myself to a Casch Copanhagen sweater with the crazy asymetric closure and the many, many buttons.

But my all time favorite piece, and the reason why this collection speaks to me, is the Clustered Petals Dress.

   I married my love in this beautiful dress. It was everything I wanted in a dress. A short number, with pretty details that read easy, breazy, and romance. It was very fitting of how stripped down I wanted my wedding day to be. 

On that day I gave him a ring inscribed with the words KEEP IT SIMPLE, of which we have to remind ourselves from time to time. 

 I took it out today and tried it on again. I hadn't worn it since the summer after we were married. I immediately wanted to go away for a romantic beachside dinner and twirled a bit. Tossed my hair a little. 

Below is my favorite picture. My sister took this one with her simple point and shoot. The pleats of the dress are captured best in black and white.
And here are some other highlights of the dress.  It's really hard for me to produce a normal smile. It always ends up crooked or sarcastic??


I am really looking forward to wearing this dress to dinner every December 4th for as long as it fits!

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