Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gardening here involves a machete

   Do you know people who like pruning Bonsai trees?

 Like its a soothing activity that just melts the stress away?

Let me be honest with you: slashing your palms with a machete feels soooo much better!

This is south Florida living. We also know that royal palms are self pruning, so it's less work for us.
   This morning I transplanted 14 plants, including 11 succulents in the front of the house. I got dizzy a few times at first, but I proudly accomplished a small portion of our yard that badly needed attention. Hats off to the people who work outside in this climate. It's nasty, and I was in a long sleeve tee, cargos, and a cowboy hat. Oh, and a machete.  It's no wonder why many people down here let their yards go. Yeesh. We'll try not to do that.
  Before that we had a deep discussion on career development while we were about 15 yards into the Atlantic Ocean. It sounds amazing because it is. We're pretty lucky to start our days like this.

And we cherish every day of it!


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