Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Actually, it was last week, but with her visit, the move, and a busy work schedule, I went on a blog post hiatus. Not to mention, we didn't have internet for two weeks.

After she flew in, Shawn immediately whisked her away to a birthday lunch with me in Boca. We basically hung out at home, trying to figure where to put stuff.  I took her to the Flamingo Gardens to see the flamingos.  She dressed for the occasion in the flamingo shirt I got her for her birthday.
We some some pretty fascinating animals:
Nap time!

A trip to the keys is a must! Islamorada for the day. Bully swam for the first time. We all fed the greedy tarpons.

 Mom got really excited by all the mango trees in our neighborhood. I ate mangoes for the first time in a while and every day during her stay. She bought forty from our neighbor to take back to Houston. Packed in a box and checked it on the plane, too.
I think this made her trip!
 As for the house, we're trying to prioritize the stuff we need first. We'll be taking some before and after pics. My mom cooked everyday and stocked our fridge. We couldn't have asked for a better first house guest!

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