Wednesday, April 18, 2012


 Time for a house update. I'll present it to you in outline form.

I. Made the third house offer
 A. Offer accepted
II. House inspected
    A.Roof fails inspection
        1. Roof re-inspected after patch job
III. We cancel the contract because we're not comfortable.
IV. Seller agrees to replace roof!
  V. Re-sign the addendum to the contract
      A. Re submit paperwork
          1.Re-submit paperwork
       C. Make phone calls
           1. Re-sumbit more paperwork
           2. Make phone calls

and this brings up to date...I wish I knew more, but at least we're getting a new roof! We've been pre-approved for this loan, and now we're just waiting for the underwriter to approve everything. Did I mention a NEW ROOF??!!

So here's some pics of the house, and I've started a pinning some ideas for the rooms. Too soon? Who knows...but here it is!

We' re planning a lush Key West front yard, partly inspired by our trip. Ok, also, because I don't want to mow a front yard.

 Visit my pinterest page to see my ideas and progress!

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