Saturday, March 24, 2012

Key West with my Bestie

and our dog...
  Last year, on Shawn's birthday, we were in Ft. Lauderdale making the decision to move down here. A year later, we are deciding on a house to buy. And to top it off, I took him to Key West!
We stopped at the beautiful Islamorada for lunch. You must check out Anne's beach and feed some Hungry Tarpon. The water is so colorful.
My hubby looks so handsome eating a Cinderella yogurt. I got cute little napkins and plates. Even brought sparkle candles for the petite cakes, but kinda forgot  about them. I blame it on the views.
  We stayed at this cute 'lil B&B on a quiet street but very close to everything. Having Bully there allowed us to walk and explore the neighborhoods. Shawn took dozes of pics of houses and their front yards to get ideas for ours.
 We were into the flora. Look! Orchids growing wild on trees!

There was oyster happy hours, marina strolling, fish feeding, wave running, and beach time.
 Big Tarpons
Shawn in volleyball Action
  The island's unofficial bird
When in Key West, you must: Scoot
Go see this buoy. Get serenaded by a gentleman at the turtle museum.
 Stop by the Western Union

 We had a blast. How will I top it next year? Perhaps, a huge partay at our own house.... I've started planning the menu this morning ;)

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