Monday, December 26, 2011

What we gave our moms

One side features the appropriate kid and mom, and the other, Shawn and I.

Now that Christmas is over,  and our mom's have indeed received their packages, I want to share our gift to them: Lockets. My hubby bought me a bracelet for my birthday, and onto it I attached a silver locket with he and I on one side, and Bully on the other. 

This way I can bring my family to work with me without having them sit in the breakroom with coloring books.

I got the DIY charms from Anthropologie, of course, and thought this would be a great little gift for someone we love, but simply can't see all the time. So I shopped lockets, consulted a mother or two on which one she thought our moms would like, and shrunk some pics at Walgreens. I started the project and the Hubbs finished it. I came home to the image of him sitting at the dining room table, wearing my shuffle (with earphones), cutting the tiny pics into little ovals. 
I should have taken a picture.

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