Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to meet people

Young couples, young at heart couples, singles, or anyone legal: here's how to meet people if in new place. Or if you just want to meet new people. 

  • Sit at the bar. I hate waiting for tables, anyway. At least at the bar you get instant service. Maybe some free drinks. A couple of business cards. Digits. Apparently, we sat next to Dave Grohl's cousin at our local Mexican place last Saturday. 
  • Find a sports team for whom to cheer. I just wait till playoff season. Yes, I'm one of those.
  • Walk a dog. People can be stone cold until they see your dog at the end of a leash. By people, I mean, me. I figure dog people are worth the smile.
  • Walk an interesting looking dog. People stop me ALL THE TIME asking, "Is that a wolf?" Say yes, and the conversation can go either way.
  • Go shopping in a mall where no one speaks English, and make friends with the store associates. They especially appreciate celebrity impressions.
  • Catch someone else's frisbee.  Everyone's strangely ok with this. Especially on the beach.
  • Just hang outside. If you have a porch, stoop, patio, or front door, stand outside for a while. You'll strike up a conversation with someone eventually. Maybe the cops. 
  • Share friends. Take your spouse's co-workers. In case he doesn't want to see Bridesmaids.
  • Pay someone, like your gym trainer. You will get their full attention for at least 30 minutes a week.
These worked for us. Or, I dunno, maybe we annoyed everyone we've met so far. Like I said, can go either way.

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