Sunday, June 26, 2011

From our garden: Elderflower mojitos

from Ikea, $4.49
   Recipe for yum:
       Fill a highball with ice,
       add 1 1/2 oz. of white rum
       squeeze two lime wedges and drop in
       Tear 6 mint leaves into bits and drop in
        add 1 oz. of Ikea Elderflower syrup
        Top glass with a shaker tin, or pint glass & shake
        Top off highball with soda

The most refreshing beach drink I could ever imagine. It's light and
fresh, and not too fruity.  Two of them and I am a happy beach bum.  Except in my case I substitute highball for plastic cup and bendy straw. So much better that sipping beer in a bikini. Yeech!

Helpful hint for beach:
Freeze the mint into ice cubes

Good news, too: mint grows like a weed and thrives in the full sun and "rainy season" conditions of our patio.

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