Thursday, May 26, 2011

Still got it!

  We try to do something new everyday. I like routine, but Shawn hates it. Or so he says so he can leave his shi** everywhere.
I think I hear angels sing.

Yesterday after the pool we hit up Sawgrass Mills for some window shopping. Window only because I'm practicing hard at my willpower. We did check out AX and got a free undie from Victoria's Secret. Shawn stopped at every sunglasses shop in his search for the perfect polarized pair. He made the associates laugh with his CSI impressions.

I located the Prada, but did not go in. I needs to be ready. So I will continue to dream about it and watch the Spring  runway show over and over. Then maybe I'll have saved up for a new bag by then.

After our P.F. Changs take out on our patio, we headed to Bonefish for a one drink that turned into five. We could walk there, its so close. But we didn't because Shawn wanted to save five minutes. Five minutes more that we could be cajoled in to going in to the bracelet making business, talk day trading and golf, and other random things that come out of these barflys' mouths. I think they like the Hubbs' accent. We got two phone numbers for things like maid services and golf.
Still got it!

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