Sunday, May 22, 2011

The first week

  We've packed in the activities this week. Learning where things are, like restaurants, bars, Publix, Aldi, the gas stations, and the bank were essential. I put up the Broward county map on the wall and marked these places with push pins and tiny flags. We've managed to go to the beach twice, happy hour once, go to a Marlins game, and have bottle service at Mansion, all in a week. The last part sounds a bit out of character  for little 'ole us, but we have to do our research for our impending visitors. Right? Maybe? When in Rome?

I did, however, snap some pretty cool action shots of the game:

A fly ball landed two seats beside me. I screamed and tried to run.
Baseball has dance teams. Did you know?

This guy has a badass arm.
 It actually feels like we've been here longer, until I look around and the mess of boxes we still have to organize and discard.

Now I just wanna lay low and recover. Be the homebody that I truly am at heart. After the night we had last night, I should have been in bed all day. No, I had brownies to bake and a patio garden to plant.

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