Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green eggs & waffles

I believe every holiday is an opportunity to color your food.

Happy St. Patrick's day. Enjoy pics of our breakfast.

 Green eggs look terrible, so I ate them with my eyes closed.
This Hubbs is one lucky man. I hooked up another picnic breakfast. Today's high is 71, whoooo! And for tomorrow's Fat Baby Cookout (will post about that tomorrow) the high will be 80. WHOOOO!!

And I'm a lucky wife.

I reminded myself of this last night as we were watching The Notebook. Every couple should watch this once in a while. I spent the night sobbing and clutching him tight with all four limbs, and vowing to love him forever and to be more sweet and less Tasmanian Devil. Its a fictional story, but it works.

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