Friday, October 22, 2010

TWO WEEKS! Happenings & Non-happenings

Two weeks from today I will be eating, drinking, and dancing with my family and friends!

I am so excited.

We have finalized most things, made most projects, and may be under budget.

Shawn has been serenading me like crazy lately. I cannot wait to stand in front of my man while he serenades ALL OF US (He's practicing right now).
Shawn in action. You'll see it soon...

In prep for our house guests, we bought a few new pieces, cleaned house and removed hundred's of small Bully balls from every corner. I swear I swept out a pomeranian from under the couch.

There are some things, that won't be happening, like, the cake toppers I wanted to paint. I'm not a painter and that project was a little out of my league.  I didn't grow the chinese lanterns and herbs for our table scapes like I thought I could. I was going to collect vintage and new  teacups for the tables, but that didn't happen. I'm still kinda nervous about decorations. Some friends and family can't make it. There are even those i haven't even heard from? My daddy won't be there.....

   but I have a feeling that the most important people are going to be there, and everything will look awesome. And Shawn and I will awe our guests. Everyone that I love in the same room, I know that will feel complete.

I'm leaving you with one pretty flower I managed to grow . A pretty dahlia. If its still around in 2 weeks, maybe I'll stick it on my table.

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