Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I have to decide on how I want to wear my hair. Now, I didn't do a trial hair style, not in the budget. I rarely spend time on my hair. But we'll be in all those pictures, so it's time to think about it. I trust my stylist. She did a romantic up do for me last year for my friend's wedding, and it turned out well. 
channeling Lauren Conrad hair
My criteria for a hairstyles are that it has to be for long hair, it has to be dance-proof, and I need to embellish it somehow with a headband or flower. 

via Green Wedding Shoes

   I love her hair here. Its so naturally voluminous. My flower or embellishment won't be this big.

Via Green Wedding Shoes

This is pretty, too. Simple. Romantic.

She has pretty hair. That much is true. I love a good side ponytail.

A little bit of all three? Probably.

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