Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Okra, from seed to table

and into my mouth!

I totally neglected my okra research and harvested the pods a little late. I usually do my research not before, but during or maybe even after the fact. Oops... I like to learn by doing.

According to this article, okra is supposed to be harvested a few days after the bloom, when the pod is 2 to 3 inches. Who knew?  For some reason, I wanted them to get as big as they could!

They grow quickly, though. There will be more.

Apparently it was a little late for a two of my pods, which were tough to cut, and lacking the milky slimy sap that makes okra so good. I still ate them, a bit stringy, but i wasn't going to let my project go to waste. I did snip a tender young pod and it was delicious!

So here they are growing in action:
So bigger isn't always better
On the chopping block:
 Battered & fried in breadcrumbs, panko & garlic powder:
tiny serving, saving some for Hubbs tomorrow!
and the rest of my meal :)
A delicious salad & chicken parm  that Hubbs made this past  weekend.

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