Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Etsy Letters & Drawings & Toadstools.

Designer Lindsay of Letters by Lindsay makes custom flip flops, pins, and ribbons for the bride to be or the whole bridal party.  I've got these cutesy awesome buttons she custom made for Shawn and me, and I am no doubt gonna wear my L <3's S at our reception! Check it out:
 I love the idea of artisan elements for a special occasion. It means so much more, eh? And its more personalized. I've been a fan of Lindsay's designs and art for years, ooohing and ahhhing over her projects in college.

Want more?

She's even got bebe items! Visit her Etsy shop here.

Meg Hamilton sketches your gown, turning it into frame able art. She's got the training and the talent that makes you feel as if your dress was a custom designed for you. It's got that dress designer sketch quality. As my sis's matron of honor, I'm thinking of giving her one of these. (Surprise Grace!). They are absolutely gorgeous.
Just look:
Here's her Etsy shop.

And Toadstools just because they are cute, edible, chocolate, and cute. CUTE!

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