Thursday, July 22, 2010

A dream wedding

  I was checking my email when mail from Martha caught my eye. It was a link to some "real weddings," and there was one in Crawford, Ga. I don't know much about this town other than it is very small, but I was curious. What could this tiny ton have to offer readers at Martha Stewart?

Only the coolest, earth friendly, wedding put together by a community of artists.....and not only was it artfully done, it was familiar. Which is why I loved it. I wonder if I have ever met this couple?

Introducing the story of Kristen and Josh:

Who served Boiled Peanuts,
Strawberry Skewers,
Vegan Cakes from the Grit!,
 (look at that perfect little Ga peach)
The grew their flowers and had packaged lavender for a little toss....
Had their pottery made by R. Wood Studios,
and had Claire Campbell sing...
They had picnic style seating for the reception and even her dress was made by a friend.

It was so cute and makes me wish I lived in more of an artist community such as this.

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