Friday, May 28, 2010

Boot Camp and Breakfast

I am trying to lose 3 lbs. Yep, starting small. My wedding dress is tight around the arms and I want to look spectacular in it for November.

I figure if I give myself a reachable goal I will be more likely to try.
This is because I tend to give up easily, but not this time, oh no. Time to eat better and reclaim my arms!
I have asked Shawn to work out with me, boot camp style. Lets face it, my man is so sweet to me and I can get everything I could ever want from him, but in this instance I need a drill seargent.

So, we have intensified our workouts. More cardio 3x weekly, and better eating habits. If I wine, I expect him to give me a swift kick in the ass (he has my permission).

This morning I made Huevos Rancheros. Baby steps, right? I made it with egg whites and 1 yoke, no potatoes, and fresh cut pico de gallo. Man, Jamie Oliver would have been proud. The fresh flavors were intense and satisfying. Its no beef stir fry, but it was delish!
I stuck a flour tortilla in my small & medium cast iron pans, and broiled them for a few minutes in the oven. If you want it crispier, leave it in longer, rubbing oil in the pan. Just don't let it burn! It was almost as good as the Grit's Border Patrol (stupid name), and the rancheros at the now defunct Bluebird Cafe, in Athens. I like using black beans, with a little cumin.

My garden is becoming edible! Check out this romaine, I chopped them off for a couple salads and they are totally regenerating:

My plants are like science projects, I check them every day.

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