Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Attempting to make Sinigang na karne...

3:08 pm

Got the beef short ribs.
Got the bok choy.
Got the green beans.Got the tamarind mix...
We'll see how it goes!
In order to be a more well rounded cook and food eater, I am trying new (to me) recipes. This is actually something my mom made all the time. I may be having the urge to eat more Filipino dishes since I was with her all last week. Its also a good way to eat veggies. I am trying really HARD to eat more food not saturated in cheese.

True test is if Shawn likes it.

He Loved it.

And Bully enjoyed his bone and the familiar soup flavor I poured atop his kibble. My mom used to give him sinigang when we had it.
Sinigang is a soupy dish with veggies and your chouce of beef, pork or fish. I chose beef short ribs as the Fresh Market was havin' a saaaale!

This is the key:

It gives that tangy flavor without out adding lots of extra salt. I also squeezed the juice of a quartered lemon.

Don't forget fresh veggies. I used bok choy since I picked some up at the Buford Hwy. Hong Kong Supermarket. Latino and Asian superstore in one! The two cultures haven't quite grown large enough to have a "little Havana, " or "chinatown" or similar in places like Atlanta yet.

I used this book. Its pretty easy to follow. And I took it from my mom's house.


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  1. when you get to making desserts like puto or ginataan, you make sure to post it. i want to see. i'm so bad, i haven't made them since before i was married...which was almost 20 years ago.